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Squatting for Health

By Stride Seattle | Conversation Squatting For Health By Isabella Yanine, PT, DPT You just graduated from physical therapy and are finally back to doing those things that keep you physically active, but that little thought inside your head is concerned about how you will continue to build on the progress you’ve already made in the clinic. Incorporating strength training into your movement routine is… Read More Unmask_Stride Jun 12

Masking Optional at Stride Physio

By Stride Seattle | Conversation June 12, 2023 Stride Physio is lifting its own requirement that our employees continue to mask. We believe that masks remain an important tool, along with vaccinations, to keep people healthy and safe. We welcome everyone’s personal choice to either wear a mask or not. Out of respect for our client’s choices, our team will reflect each client accordingly. Our… Read More hrv.jpeg Apr 17

The Gold Standard of Data Tracking for Health, Longevity, and Wellness: Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

By Stride Seattle | Conversation The Gold Standard of Data Tracking for Health, Longevity, and Wellness: Heart Rate Variability (HRV).  By Laurie Gribschaw PT, DPT, ATC/L, PRC, PN-1   What is HRV? Heart rate variability is the variation in milliseconds between heartbeats and is a reflection of your autonomic nervous system’s ability to respond to different situations of stress, both positive and negative.  This delicate… Read More Stride_Physio_Mask_Mandate Mar 10

Unmasking the Mandate

By Stride Seattle | Conversation Unmasking the Mandate   Washington State’s mandate around masking in healthcare facilities will be lifted on April 3, 2023. Because we are proud of our safety record throughout the pandemic, we are putting in place the following measures to keep everyone as healthy as possible while visiting Stride. Until further notice, Stride’s employees will continue to be masked in all… Read More Office Chair Workouts Jan 20

Office Chair Workout

By Stride Seattle | Conversation We all know that sitting for hours at a computer is bad for us. It can lead to neck and back soreness, and for some, nerve irritation and even damage. Our solutions have largely been focused on altering the positions we are in while we are typing away on our keyboard at work (and increasingly on our laptops at home.)… Read More Physical Therapy Holiday Survival Guide Dec 22

A Physical Therapy Holiday Survival Guide

By Stride Seattle | Conversation Keeping up with physical therapy during the holidays is tough. There are so many other things to do – cooking, parties, shopping, travel, and visiting with family and friends. But if you’re in physical therapy over the holidays, there’s a reason. You’re having pain, or not moving as well as you want to. These issues place limitations on your life, which are going… Read More dakota-corbin-PmNjS6b3XP4-unsplash Dec 16

Body Mechanics with Baby and Toddler- Part 2

By Stride Seattle | Conversation How to keep your body healthy and avoid injury while caring for little ones Alexis Eusterbrock, DPT, COMT, OCS, pelvic rehab provider Part 1 of this blog was published in 2018. As I continue to work with parents, grandparents, and caregivers, I realize that more information is needed regarding body mechanics when caring for children. Unfortunately, this information is not commonplace in… Read More GeeiaFl copy Mar 14

What Moves You to Move?

By Stride Seattle | Conversation What moves you to move?  We ask this as a way of tapping into what is important and meaningful to each us.  When we explore and discover ways of moving that delight us, that we find interesting and that aligns with our values, we can fuel and sustain our motivation to stay fit and healthy.  We asked our team at… Read More video gamers Mar 07

Physical Therapy for Video Gamers

By Stride Seattle | Conversation By Dr. Trevor Farmer With the rise of Esports, twitch streaming, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic leading people to stay indoors and social distance more, many people have found themselves playing video games more often and for longer hours. However, with increased play time comes increased repetitive motions and prolonged poor sitting positions leading to problems such as… Read More backcountry Mar 07

Getting Ready for Hiking Season

By Stride Seattle | Community Events By Dr. Suzanne Soine It’s that time of year where skiing is in full swing and many are looking forward to spring and hiking season.  Hiking is a very popular activity here in Washington and can be challenging at the beginning of the season without proper training or easing into the sport. I greatly enjoy hiking and I want to… Read More