The Gold Standard of Data Tracking for Health, Longevity, and Wellness: Heart Rate Variability (HRV). 

By Laurie Gribschaw | Conversation

For those of us recovering from injury, dealing with chronic illness, or looking to thrive despite the modern era stressors in life, HRV can be an excellent tool to receive feedback based on our lifestyle choices. Read More


Office Chair Workout

By Andrew Lisitsky | Conversation

We all know that sitting for hours at a computer is bad for us.  It can lead to neck and back soreness, and for some, nerve irritation and even damage. Read More


A Physical Therapy Holiday Survival Guide

By Susanne Michaud| Conversation Keeping up with physical therapy during the holidays is tough. There are so many other things to do – cooking, parties, shopping, travel, and visiting with family and friends. Read More


Body Mechanics with Baby and Toddler- Part 2
How to keep your body healthy and avoid injury while caring for little ones

By Alexis Eusterbrock| Conversation Part 1 of this blog was published in 2018, and as I continue to work with parents,
grandparents, and caregivers, Read More

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What Moves You to Move?

By Stride Seattle | Conversation What moves you to move?  We ask this as a way of tapping into what is important and meaningful to each us.  When we explore and discover ways of moving that delight us, that we find interesting and that aligns with our values, we can fuel and sustain our motivation to stay fit and healthy.  We asked our team at… Read More video gamers Mar 07

Physical Therapy for Video Gamers

By Stride Seattle | Conversation By Dr. Trevor Farm with the rise of Esports, twitch streaming, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic leading people to stay indoors and social distance more, many people have found themselves playing video games more often and for longer hours. However, with increased play time comes increased repetitive motions and prolonged poor sitting positions leading to problems such as… Read More backcountry Mar 07

Getting Ready for Hiking Season

By Stride Seattle | Community Events By Dr. Suzanne Soine It’s that time of year where skiing is in full swing and many are looking forward to spring and hiking season.  Hiking is a very popular activity here in Washington and can be challenging at the beginning of the season without proper training or easing into the sport. I greatly enjoy hiking and I want to… Read More Group of open doors with blue sky and sun Jan 03

Stride Launches Health & Wellness Coaching!

By Stride Seattle | Conversation By Susanne Michaud, DPT, OCS Stride Physio is proud to announce our expanding capacity to support and empower you along your health and wellness journey. Starting January, 2022, we are offering health and wellness coaching as a specialty service.  Stride’s owner and physical therapist, Susanne Michaud, obtained her health coaching certification through WellCoaches this past summer and is excited to… Read More Brown teddy bear with bandages and broken hand in pediatrician's office Jan 02

Birth Trauma

By Stride Seattle | Conversation By Alexis Eusterbrock, DPT, OCS, COMT In my practice, I assist many women with their postpartum rehabilitation, and I have had the opportunity to listen to their birth stories. What I have learned from both my own personal experience and experience as a clinician, is that the labor and delivery journey is extremely varied, unique to the individual, and can… Read More Aug 27

How To Poop Like A Unicorn

By Stride Seattle | Community Events | Conversation By Heidi Marten Bowel issues are a common problem in society and physical therapists often help treat patients with bowel dysfunction and pelvic pain. Here is a quick rundown on digestion, bowel movements, and easy changes to promote bowel health in yourself.  Digestion Digestion begins in your mouth, with chewing and saliva starting the breakdown of food. The food enters… Read More 20210707_114437_0000 Jul 14

Why Strength Training Matters With Runners

By Stride Seattle | Community Events | Conversation By Elena Soles If you’ve been on social media in the last few years, you’ll see just about every running coach is discussing and incorporating strength training. So how does this relate to PT? The effect on injury risk and injury recovery is an ever growing field in research, and an important evolution in physical therapy for addressing dysfunction for… Read More 20210707_150408_0000 Jul 14

Wilderness Safety

By Stride Seattle | Community Events | Conversation By Kaitlyn McNally The Pacific Northwest is a great place to be if you love the outdoors. Whether you are at a beginner or advanced level, there are so many places for you to get out and connect with nature. When it comes to the wilderness, it’s incredibly important to be prepared for anything and have the basics of first… Read More PXL_20210416_152048068.PORTRAIT Apr 16

Book Club

By Stride Seattle | Conversation Elena Soles, DPT Join us for Stride’s first book club event! Grab a glass of wine, cuddle up with your dog, and meet us on Zoom to discuss Kelly McGonigal’s groundbreaking book “The Upside of Stress”. To say any one statement about the magnitude of stress in this past year would undoubtedly be insufficient and redundant. McGonigal’s book helps us… Read More SSBlogSpring Apr 14

PT Services Across State Lines

By Stride Seattle | Community Events | Conversation By Suzanne Soine Do you or your loved ones need physical therapy while in another state or a rural area? Oftentimes, we have a hard time finding care when we are on vacation or wish our family and friends could see our physical therapist but are too far away. New adaptations to physical therapy access due to COVID 19 has… Read More