Peloton and Spin Bike Fits at Stride Physio

By Tim Ainslie

Are you pedaling efficiently and comfortably when cycling on your Peloton or your spin bike?  Can you keep up with the instructor and the pack?  Do you have pain in your neck, shoulders, arms, spine, hips, or knees when on your bike?  These are the questions to ask if you are considering having

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Stride Physio’s Commitment to Black Lives Matter and the Anti-Racism Movement

The team at Stride Physio stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement for racial justice, equity and inclusion.  This movement is awakening us out of complacency and deepening our compassion for the pain, injury, and suffering that racism has caused in the lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).  As

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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching at Stride Physio

By Nicole Todisco, DPT


Stride Physio is excited to announce we are expanding our capacity to support and empower our clients along their health and wellness journeys. We will soon be offering wellness coaching! Some of our PTs are presently pursuing certification and we anticipate launching this program

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COVID-19 updates for Stride

Stride Physio’s COVID-19 Response and Operations 

We’re all in this together

Stride Physio’s On-going COVID-19 Response

Update July 7, 2020

We at Stride Physio greatly value and respect all of our clients and want to assure everyone that we continue to take measures and update our best practices protocols

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Love the One You’re ALWAYS With…Yourself!

By Susanne Michaud, DPT, OCS

The practice of self-compassion is paramount in the healing and recovery process. Practicing self-compassion towards one’s negative self-emotions leads to a softer, kinder motivation that improves the brain and body’s ability to learn and change.1 Evidence for this is found in the research of psychologist and founder of the

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Women’s Ways of Cycling: Finding the Joy, Freedom, and Empowerment of Bicycle Commuting in the City

By Susanne Michaud, DPT, OCS

I love Seattle. I’ve lived here since 1987 so can attest to the changes in density and traffic patterns. The conversations about the Seattle then versus now often degrade into complaints about the traffic. I can recuse myself of these negative grumblings because I have the magic

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Postpartum Athletes’ Return to Fitness and Running Guidelines

By Laurie Gribschaw, DPT, ATC, PRC

Recently, I had the luxury of taking another course on the management of pregnant and postpartum fitness athletes. As a female clinician without children, I try to do everything I can to expand my understanding and clinical skills associated with this underserved population. For too long,

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Sleep: The Unsung Hero of Healthy Bodies Everywhere

By Laurie Gribschaw, DPT, ATC, PRC

The latest overwhelming recommendation in our modern medical system is: getting 8 hours of sleep (go figure that what’s old is trendy again)! 

Researchers and healthcare providers across nearly all disciplines universally agree that sleep is of critical importance for our health.  We are recognizing

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