Video Gait Analysis at Stride Physio

Who would benefit from a video gait analysis?

  • Recreational runners who want to improve their efficiency and prevent injury in order to run regularly, increase their mileage and train for events and races.
  • Folks who developed pain with running and want to pinpoint the cause and learn how to address it!
  • Elite athletes who want to address any inefficiencies in their gait mechanics in order to improve their race performance.
  • Really anyone who wants to learn more about their bodies and running mechanics.

Self Pay Video Gait Analysis

Initial Session (1 hour): $200

This session includes:

  1. Formal intake and understanding of your running history and goals.
  2. Biomechanical evaluation of your strength, mobility, neural structures, and functional movement as it pertains to running.
  3. 4 view analysis recorded on slow motion capable video and review of major findings with client.
  4. Recommendations regarding changes to stride mechanics and cues for how to get there.
  5. Home exercise program to help address any limitations or gait deviations found.
  6. Print out of personalized major findings with pictures of major events in the gait cycle and captions relaying any gait deviations, risk for injury, or inefficiencies. Formal discussion about how these deviations pertain to any limitations in strength or mobility, and relevant home exercises. This will be completed after your session and emailed to you within 3 business days of your VGA.

Follow-up Sessions (1 hour): $160

This session includes:

  1. A reassessment of your functional movement, strength and mobility.
  2. Discussion about home exercises or any continued questions.
  3. A repeat 4 view video gait analysis and review of major findings with client and comparison with initial findings.
  4. Follow up recommendations, progression of home exercises, further changes to gait mechanics if necessary.

Will my insurance pay for a video gait analysis?

A video gait analysis in people without injury is classified as a health and wellness visit which is the financial responsibility of the client. However, if the video gait analysis is determined medially necessary by a healthcare professional secondary to injury, you may use your health insurance or HAS/FSA account to cover your gait analysis. In order to determine medical necessity, your insurance company may require a prior physical therapy evaluation or a signed referral from an MD. Further evaluation by a physical therapist will be required to determine if current injury or pathology is directly related to running. Please call or email us for more information.

Please note if your insurance company pays for your gait analysis, the formal document complete with pictures of your mechanics and major deviations created after your first visit is optional and will be created at your request. However, it is created by the clinician outside of your PT session and is an additional $50 out of pocket fee.

What should I bring to my visit?

  1. Running shoes – the ones you typically train in!
    • If you have questions about other shoes, please bring them in and we can take a look at them if we have time.
  2. A shirt that can be tucked in.
    • Sports bras for women or shirtless for men are ideal, but we can absolutely complete the analysis with a shirt on if desired.
  3. Shorts or half tights that are a different color than your shirt.
  4. Fill out the Running Intake Form and the New Client Intake Forms.
  5. Completed UWRI Survey.