Thank you for your interest in Stride Physio. Our aim is to foster strong relationships with other health care providers so that we can truly provide the best care for our patients. We hope you will think of us when you or your clients/patients are in need of care for their orthopedic issues. Referrals are always appreciated.

Our Clinic

Stride is a physical therapist- and woman-owned clinic in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. Our clinic is an ADA-approved building with wheelchair accessibility. We provide hour-long sessions directly with the therapist, without the use of aides.

Our Work

At Stride Physio, we specialize in biomechanical analysis and hands-on approaches to target and resolve the causes of injury and movement dysfunction to promote health and wellness. We integrate a hands-on approach with an extensive tool kit of correctives and activities, along with authentic compassion to achieve excellent outcomes for all our patients.

Our expertise includes:

  • Uncovering movement inefficiencies that perpetuate postures that contribute to pain and dysfunction
  • Diagnosing the cause(s) of the problem
  • Providing transformative treatments that resolve dysfunction and return patients to their desired activities
  • Reducing strain and stress on the body to prevent recurrence or occurrence of injury


Physical Therapy Check-ups

An annual physical therapy check-up allows patients to develop an ongoing relationship with their physical therapist to maintain optimum health and beautiful movement across their lifespan.

In conjunction with their primary care providers, we offer annual movement check-ups for patients as a way to screen for conditions that may need to be referred out. This reduces the risk of injury, impairment, functional limitation and disability related to movement, plus helps to promote and maintain fitness, health and quality of life in all age populations.

You get your teeth examined and cleaned yearly. You go to your doctor for a routine health check-up. So why is it that no one examines the body system that moves you, other than when it hurts? Many of us do not understand our physical strengths and weakness until something goes wrong. Pain is a strong driver and is what brings many people into physical therapy. We feel that by proactively having an expert examine a person's movement system regularly helps curb the risk for injury, pain and poor movement.

Physical therapists are the experts of choice when it comes to the neuro/musculoskeletal system. We are trained to evaluate the whole body movement system and can screen for and identify risk factors for injury and disease. Physical therapists are skilled at detailed assessments of functional movements, such as walking, squatting and lifting, as well as fitness testing. Stride Physio physical therapists are trained and prepared to provide yearly movement and fitness check-ups, as recommended by a patient's primary care provider. At Stride Physio, we believe that an annual physical therapy check-up underscores the importance of how a patient can take charge of their health and fitness.

  • Supports healthy lifestyle choices and fitness goals.
  • Empowers the patient to better understand their body and areas that may need to be addressed with specific exercises.
  • Provides the patient with a deeper understanding of their overall health.
  • Addresses lifestyle behaviors that enhance health and wellness; illuminates behaviors that hinder it.
  • Identifies and addresses areas of dysfunction, referring patients to providers for issues outside the scope of physical therapy.
  • Facilitates the best care for the patient via regular communication with referring providers.
  • Optimizes fitness and performance through regular reviews and revisions to the patient’s exercise plan.
  • Educates the patient by promoting choices that lead to a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  • Accomplishes patient goals with specially designed treatment plans based on the patient's goals, challenges and needs.