Stride’s Areas of Expertise

At Stride Physio, we are dedicated to serving the individual and the community by providing highly skilled and empathetic care that addresses the whole person in achieving their movement goals. Services we provide include physical therapy, health & wellness coaching, bike fits, video gait analysis, telehealth, massage therapy and periodic movement classes.

Why Choose Us

  • Effective treatments and home programs that yield excellent outcomes
  • Hour long appointments with a therapist
  • A beautiful clinic overlooking Lake Union in Wallingford
  • Easy access to UW, I-5, U Bridge, Burke-Gilman trail
  • Experts in advanced manual therapy techniques
  • Injury and post-operative rehabilitation and recovery
  • Restoration of beautiful movement and function
  • Insightful running analysis and bike fits
  • Ergonomics for work stations and musical instruments
  • Shoe fit and orthotic prescriptions

What Clients Say

Susanne helped me recover the use of my shoulder after surgery. As an avid rock climber and runner, I was highly motivated. At the clinic recommended by my surgeon, I only had ten minutes with a physical therapist who didn’t notice that my shoulder was freezing up. After almost a year of frustration, I found Susanne and got the undivided attention of a top notch physical therapist. The difference was night and day. Her diagnostic tests were more thorough, her therapeutic methods more diverse and I learned an amazing amount about my body. With Susanne’s help my shoulder gradually broke free allowing me to climb again.
Scott T.