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Susanne Michaud, DPT, OCS
Physical Therapist, Owner

Physical therapist and owner of Stride Physio, Susanne is passionate about anatomy, alignment and beautiful movement…. Read more

Laurie Gribschaw, DPT, ATC
Physical Therapist

Laurie is an orthopedic physical therapist and athletic trainer who has practiced in the Puget Sound region since 2011. She combines the study of biomechanics… Read more

Alexis Eusterbrock, DPT, OCS, COMT
Physical Therapist

Lexi is a board-certified orthopedic specialist, specializing in pelvic rehabilitation and manual therapy. She is a Washington native and has been practicing in the Seattle area for over a decade… Read more

Coral Lewis, MPT 
Physical Therapist

Coral is a Canadian trained orthopedic physical therapist with a passion for optimizing health and wellbeing. Coral has worked in the health and rehabilitation field for over 10 years starting as a kinesiologist in Victoria, BC.. Read more

Emily Thomas, DPT
Physical Therapist

Emily is passionate about empowering her clients to get the most out of their bodies and movement. Her aim is to develop and nurture quality relationships with her clients based on mutual trust and understanding, in order to best address their individual needs and goals… Read More

Scott McClave, DPT
Physical Therapist

Scott is a physical therapist who specializes in orthopedics and bicycling biomechanics. Scott is passionate about the the study of biomechanics, exercise physiology, and pain science. He believes in a well rounded approach focused around restoring… Read More

Cheryl Allison, LMP
Massage Therapist

As a licensed massage practitioner, Cheryl brings insight, intuition and astute problem solving to her hands on work. Cheryl trained at Renton Technical College, and became a licensed… Read More


Erin Soderstrom
Office Manager/Billing Manager

Erin is the smiling face greeting you at the front desk.  She is the captain of our front desk, the one who ensures that our Stride ship stays on course and runs on time… Read More

Theodora Fanning
Physical Therapy Aid

Thea joins the Stride team as our first physical therapy and general office aid. She assists the therapists… Read More


Juli Burkamper
Operations, Co-owner

Juli is the ‘behind the scenes’ person, attending to the maintenance and beautification of the clinic. This involves fun tasks such as carpentry, painting… Read more

Levi Hare
Client Care Coordinator/Marketing Specialist

Levi is the other smiling face at the front desk who’s there to greet, schedule, chat, and answer all your questions. He is the man behind the marketing scene, using his Communications degree to keep our social network up to date… Read More.

Therapy Dogs

We are a dog friendly clinic. If you are not comfortable around dogs or have allergies to dogs, please let us know in advance so that we can treat you in a dog-free room.  If your dog is well trained and well socialized, then you are welcome to bring it to your appointment.


Therapy Dog

Picasso is a senior Border collie mix (a.k.a. urban black and white). He loves to roll on carpet and receive daily belly massages. In his younger days, he could run up to 35 miles an hour after… Read More


Therapy Dog

Ziggy is a young pup, rescued from Louisiana through the local agency, AARF. He is a pointer/hound mix and thrives on greeting people with his goofy grin… Read More

Therapy Dog

Bodhi is a 6 month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  As puppy, he is still learning the ropes of being a therapy dog, but he tries his best to be a very good boy and what he lacks in experience he more than makes up for in cuteness… Read More