What is Kundalini Yoga?

By Emily Trickey, KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Kundalini yoga is called the yoga of awareness. The technology of Kundalini is a science of the mind and body developed over thousands of years that was originally reserved for India’s elite. Up until the late 1960’s, Kundalini yoga was a secret, passed from master to student that very few people knew about. However, in 1968 Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini yoga and meditation from India to the West as he believed “It was everyone’s birthright to be healthy, happy, and holy, and the practice of Kundalini yoga is the way to claim that birthright.” Today, Kundalini yoga is now the fastest growing yoga in the world!

How Does Kundalini Yoga Work?

Kundalini yoga and meditation uses the coordination of breath and movement, mantra and sound, meditation and deep relaxation to move energy in the body and create balance. The kundalini energy sits at the base of the spine and through specific movements the energy moves up the body through the 8 energy centers or chakras in the body. Through movement and relaxation, Kundalini yoga stimulates the glandular system while strengthening and restoring the central nervous system. It provides profound results in a short amount of time. Kundalini yoga helps increase your awareness, creativity and connection to your mind, body and spirit!

What’s A Typical Kundalini Class?
A typical class has warm ups, a kriya (sequence of exercises that has a specific effect on the body), meditation and relaxation. There are similar poses to those in a Hatha yoga class (the most popular form of yoga), which may be familiar, and there are other poses less practiced and unique to Kundalini. Classes and poses can be accommodated for any fitness level. As long as you can breathe and visualize, you will feel the benefits! You will move, sweat, breathe, visualize, relax and have your own experience.

How Will I Feel?
Many people love the way Kundalini yoga makes them feel – helping them increase their awareness to their physical and mental body while feeling relaxed afterwards. This yoga works the physical body by making you sweat in certain poses but a relaxation period is always built in between each exercise. Kundalini yoga has helped me personally with both anxiety and depression, giving me a greater sense of peace and insight into myself. Every person has their own experience with Kundalini yoga and no two are alike. It’s all about bringing your awareness to your body, your breath, your mind and your thoughts.

Why Should I Try It?
Kundalini is an excellent tool to learn and be able to use at your disposal to help with everyday life and stress. Especially with the holidays coming up, it’s a great way to prepare both physically and mentally for the change of seasons and a potentially stressful time. If you are interested in trying something new or deepening your yoga practice, then you should definitely give Kundalini yoga a try!

You can join me at Stride Physio every Thursday starting November 8 thru December 20 at 12:30pm for a lunchtime Kundalini yoga class! Come experience what it’s all about!
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About Emily:
Emily Trickey is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher who’s passionate about helping others live their best possible life. As a seasoned marketer and strategist with 10 years of experience, she’s combined her love of yoga and meditation with marketing, brainstorming and art to help people and companies alike discover who they are and accomplish their dreams. She’s excited about sharing the powerful techniques of yoga and meditation to help others feel healthy, happy and complete.
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