Walking Our Talk – Team Stride’s 2018 Movement Goals

As physical therapists we help others realize their movement goals by removing barriers and progressing activities appropriately.  We assess peoples injuries and movement dysfunction, learn what activities matter to them, write functional movement goals and aid in removing the pain, fear and dysfunction that limits movement and activity.  At Stride, we are all passionate about the joy and freedom that exercise and fitness brings to our lives as well.  So we are turning the tables on ourselves and sharing our personal movement goals for the year.

Susanne Michaud

To run to work 52 times and bike to work 26 times in 2018 in order to maintain fitness and reduce Seattle traffic by not driving.

Grace Lucuab

To run a 10K in 70-75 minutes by March 24, 2018

Laurie Gribschaw

In order to mitigate the increased tension in my body from additional kettlebell training I will perform restorative breathing as a focus of my yoga practice 2x/week for 10-30 minutes.

Mylan Vu

To exercise 4x/week with a focus on mobility, stability, agility and balance + 1 fun activity (volleyball/dance/hiking) per week.

Alexis Eusterbrock

To run first 1/2 marathon postpartum in June in under 2 hours.

Erin Soderstrom

To go to the gym 2 times a week in 2018 to help relieve stress and contribute to my well being.

Levi Hare

To swim 2 times a week for 2 hours to improve my endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness to swim a 100 yard breaststroke under 2 minutes (also, to be able to hold my breath underwater to become a merman).