Walking Our Talk Follow-Up on Team Stride’s 2018 Movement Goals

We’re 3 months out since the associates at Stride Physio declared their 2018 movement goals for “all the world” to see.

Susanne Michaud
Goal: run to work 52 times and bike to work 26 times in 2018.
I am on pace to achieving this goal, having run the 4 miles to/from work 17 times in the 15 weeks of 2018.  To track my progress, I use a running app and take a “selfie” at the end of the run.  The steady training allowed me to finish the “Hot Chocolate” 15K in 1:25, averaging 9:14 minutes per mile.  The weekly work-runs are part of my training program for a ½ marathon I’m signed up for in early May, The Methow “Sunflower Trail Run”.  Although I have yet to ride to work, I recently dusted off my bike and am geared to go now that the weather is warming and the days are lengthening.  I believe in approaching exercise like it’s a job – show up and do the work in order to get the payout.

Alexis Eusterbrock
Goal:  to run first ½ marathon postpartum by June in under 2 hours.
I am 8 weeks into my half marathon training and have signed up for a race on May 6th. I have been doing really well with fitting in all my runs and progressive mileage each week! I have to admit that I have been slacking on my strengthening, which is so important for injury prevention, but I’m struggling to find the time. My goal is to be very focused on adherence to my strengthening program in the final month of my training.

Grace Lucuab

Goal: To run a 10K in 70-75 minutes by March 24, 2018.
I ran the Run Through UK Hyde Park Race in London on 24 March 2018. Due to having a mild left ankle sprain caused by platform shoes and a ton of cobble stones, I opted to run the 5k instead of the 10k. I ran the 5k with mild pain in both calves, and taped them to prevent further injury during my run. My time for the 5k race was ~37 minutes.
I was not able to meet my anticipated goal of running the 10k in 75 minutes, but I still ran half of the race and ran just over a 12 minute mile. The race coordinators had a wonderful choir to cheer us on, and they were very supportive throughout the race. If you’re even in the UK and would like to run a race, I highly recommend checking out the organization Run Through UK at www.runthrough.co.uk.

 Laurie Gribschaw
Goal: Perform restorative breathing as a focus of my yoga practice 2x/week for 10-30 minutes.
Life happened which required some adaptability!  Because my previous gym routine got altered due to a gym closure, I switched over to crossfit workouts. My body needed more recovery to maintain my ribcage mobility, so I mixed it in more frequently, even pre/post workouts.  I do 5-10 minutes of breathing exercises before bedtime, crossfit 3x/week, 1 day of kettlebell training and 2 days of either restorative yoga or walking/aerobic recovery. Adaptation was critical to allow my body recovery following intense workouts!

 Mylan Vu
Goal: To exercise 4x/week with a focus on mobility, stability, agility and balance + 1 fun activity (volleyball/dance/hiking) per week.
After treating a significant ankle sprain last summer, falling out of a steady work-out routine, and feeling the accumulated affects of my other mechanical dysfunctions (hypermobile joints everywhere, old ACL/meniscus repair, repeated spraining and repeated hyperextension injuries from volleyball, the list goes on…) I became motivated to walk my talk and seek help and guidance from a fellow physical therapist to support me with my goals!

I have been attending physical therapy weekly to improve my body awareness, stability and motor control.  I have not been a perfect patient with my home exercise program (because, we know, some days it’s hard to get it in!) but I have been conscious of my body mechanics (especially with work activities!), performing my PT homework 3-4x/week and doing them as a warm up before volleyball games.  My volleyball serves and spikes have been much smoother, and less stress on my back, knee and ankle AND my team is now 4x Underdog Volleyball Champions!  To mix in some extra fun I’ve also loved adding drop in dance classes 1-2x/week.

Erin Soderstrom
Goal:  to workout at the gym 2x/week in 2018
Unfortunately, I have not been able to get into the groove with my goal due to flu at the beginning of the year that prevented me from starting a good habit. I would still really like to increase the amount that I exercise to help with stress, however I think I may have to make it a more achievable exercise like going for a walk that can more easily fit into my 10 hour work day. This will also be easier as the weather gets nicer and the days get longer!

 Levi Hare
Goal: To swim 2 times a week for 2 hours … to swim a 100 yard breaststroke in under 2 minutes (also, to be able to hold my breath underwater to become a merman)
Bad news: I’m still a human.
Good news:  I did achieve my goal to swim a 100 yard breaststroke under 2 minutes and also increasing my cardiovascular endurance. Though I have reduced my visits to the pool to once every other week, I am setting a new goal to run twice a week and to increase the miles that I run for each week.