Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching at Stride Physio

By Nicole Todisco, DPT


Stride Physio is excited to announce we are expanding our capacity to support and empower our clients along their health and wellness journeys. We will soon be offering wellness coaching! Some of our PTs are presently pursuing certification and we anticipate launching this program in the early summer. We already utilize many of these coaching concepts/techniques with our current clients and have seen the first hand success they can bring. We are excited to expand our wellness program to serve as a transition from physical therapy to a more holistic lifestyle approach to help our clients thrive!

What is health and wellness coaching? 

Health and wellness coaching is a powerful and growth-promoting partnership between a coach and a client. The relationship works to elicit motivation and facilitate the capacity to change. The coach supports the client in establishing a vision and helps foster the development of goals to get there. The coach provides support and accountability for the client to achieve sustainable change for the good. 

Why would someone need a coach? 

We are facing trying times that are uprooting our lives in many ways that we have not yet experienced. A coach can help work with you to establish healthy habits for mental, physical and emotional strength and wellness. If you are feeling frustrated or burned out with failed attempts at dieting and fitness or lacking motivation and joy in your day to day life, a coach can be an outlet to spark confidence and creative new ways to grow and achieve change. People typically seek health and wellness coaching for guidance in managing health issues, weight loss, stress management, coping with challenges and improving overall quality of life.

What is a wellness coach?

In sport or the corporate working world coaches are professionals who are able to identify skills and help athletes and executives perform optimally to achieve success. Health and wellness coaches are similar in that they work with anyone who is seeking to become the best version of themselves in all realms of health and well-being. A coach can help the client see the potential within themselves and find a path to unleash it. 

What sets wellness coaches apart from physical therapy: 

As physical therapists we are movement experts and we are “fixers”; we seek to improve pain, correct movement patterns and fix underlying “problems”. In coaching we focus on what is working and use it as leverage for success. Coaches take their expert hats off in order to help clients practice introspection and reflection in a way to define their own unique and personal vision of their best self. During the coaching process the clients are the drivers. The coach then uses their masterful skills in motivational interviewing and positive psychology to guide the client in finding their internal motivation and reasons for change. This expertly crafted approach helps clients lead the charge with a supportive system to achieve success and decrease possible resistance. Coaches help clients develop mindfulness practices to improve their own self resilience and confidence.  Coaches assist clients to tap into their inner drive and find what sparks happiness. Coaches collaborate with clients to set realistic and achievable goals and utilize strengths to overcome obstacles. Coaches establish and maintain an environment and support system to foster continued growth and success despite challenges. 

How does coaching work:

  • Clients will complete an initial self reflection assessment for the coach to learn the relevant information, medical history and lifestyle habits. The assessment will help the client self identify areas they wish to work on with their coach. 
  • The first session will be 60-90 minutes and will help build a coach/client connection and to establish a wellness vision, short and long term goals and a clear picture of first steps. 
  • Future sessions will be 30-45 minutes and will occur as often as the coach and client deem appropriate (weekly, monthly or quarterly). Each session will build upon the foundation and work to highlight success and creative ways to overcome challenges. 

For a fun video on the coaching process click the link below: 

Courtesy of Wellcoaches