Book Club

Elena Soles, DPT

Join us for Stride’s first book club event! Grab a glass of wine, cuddle up with your dog, and meet us on Zoom to discuss Kelly McGonigal’s groundbreaking book “The Upside of Stress”. To say any one statement about the magnitude of stress in this past year would undoubtedly be insufficient and redundant. McGonigal’s book helps us reframe how we think about stress and teaches us to leverage it in healthy ways. Kelly McGonigal is a PhD health psychologist and teaches this very subject at Stanford University. She herself lived with chronic pain since childhood and speaks on this subject from a place of empathy and lived experience. This book is available at your local library or bookstore, amazon, and all audiobook sources. Please contact to receive the zoom invitation for our meeting on May 20 at 6:30 PM.