What is Your 2019 Fitness Goal?

As physical therapists, we are true believers in the value of healthy movement.   We do our best to walk our talk, which is why we shared our goals with you.  Daily, we serve our clients by creating realistic movement goals and holding them accountable to these goals.

If you’re interested in an accountability team to help you execute your goals, then send us your name and your fitness goal for the year. We will then post it and check in with you quarterly on how you’re doing.  Here’s what you need to do to participate:

  • Write your movement goal and include a deadline. Be as specific and realistic as possible (e.g., I will train for and run the Seattle ½ Marathon in under 2 hours, November of 2019)
  • Write out the actions steps required to achieve this goal (these are the lead measures) (e.g. run 3x a week for 16 weeks prior to the race, and include a speed workout and a gradual increase in distance using the 10% rule).
  • Email your goal to admin@strideseattle.com
  • Track your action items weekly
  • When Stride contacts you, update us with your progress.

On our end, Stride will post your goal in our quarterly newsletter (unless you ask us not to).  We will then follow up with you with specific ideas and feedback.