Follow-Up on Team Stride’s 2018 Movement Goals

We’re 7 months out since the associates at Stride Physio declared their 2018 movement goals for “all the world” to see. With our Stride family growing and our clinic expanding, so are our goals and ambitions.

Click here to take a look at our team’s past goals of 2018 and feel free to continue following us on our movement journey!

Susanne Michaud

Goal: run to work 52 times and bike to work 26 times in 2018.

Out of 32 weeks, I have run to work 28x, and biked to/from work 9x.  I fell behind after the Sunflower Trail ½ marathon, when I sustained a minor knee injury from the 2000’ of steep down hill.  After rehabbed the knee for 3 weeks I’m happy to report I’m back on pace to achieving my goal.

Alexis Eusterbrock

Goal:  to run first ½ marathon postpartum by June in under 2 hours

I am great at endurance activities, but am terrible at fitting in strengthening, so my new movement goal is to complete strength training 2x per week for a minimum of 30 minutes for the rest of the year!

Grace Lucuab

Goal: My new goal was to complete my portion of the Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay Race in Washington state on July 13, 2018.

With my first goal checked off, I decided to aim for a new one. The Ragnar Race is 200ish miles, starting from Blaine, WA and ending at Langley, Whidbey Island, WA. I got to share the wonderful experience with Francine, for whom some of you will remember, and 10 wonderful people! They made my first Ragnar experience memorable and fun! The camaraderie amongst everyone who participated in the race was unbelievable and everyone was extremely supportive! With my second goal done, I still run 3x a week. If you feel so inclined to try it out, here is the information about the Ragnar Relay: Time to find a new race to run!

Laurie Gribschaw

Goal: Perform restorative breathing as a focus of my yoga practice 2x/week for 10-30 minutes.

Still on track with staying injury free, emphasizing restorative breathing to help me recover, and increasing my intensity/weight during Crossfit workouts!  Learning and practicing new skills has propelled me towards doing drill work for two components in Crossfit: 1) Trying to string 10 double-unders together consistently, and 2) Be able to do 1 strict pull up by next summer. Setting realistic goals is key: since my arms are quite long compared to my torso and my weaker sections are in my upper extremities/core compared to my legs, it’s going to be a slow grind towards a strict pull up. Stronger (and smarter with training) in my 30’s than my 20’s, let’s keep this momentum going!

Coral Lewis

Goal: To bike to work 2 times a week, run 30-45 minutes 2 times a week, core strength routine 2-3 times a week (15-20 minutes), and do a fun active family activity once a week – hiking with my daughter in the hiking backpack is one of my favorites.
To help me stay on track for this I plan my activity at the beginning of the week and if I feel to tired or busy I convince myself to do a small part of my exercise commitment and sure enough I end up doing the entire thing most of the time once I get started!

Erin Soderstrom

Goal:  to workout at the gym 2x/week in 2018.

Between 10 hour work days, helping with a wedding where I was the maid of honor, and general summer chaos, I still have not gotten into the groove with a consistent exercise plan for myself.  I know that exercising will be good for both stress and my newly developed back pain (from too much sitting!). I was on swim team from age 8-18, and would love to get back into that type of low impact exercise that will help work out the issues I have been having with my back. I am looking for a good swimming pool in North Seattle (in the Wallingford, U District, Greenlake, or Fremont neighborhoods) and would love to hear any and all suggestions about pools that people love!

Levi Hare

Goal: to run twice a week and to increase the miles that I run for each week (reduced my visits to the pool).

Unfortunately, I’m STILL a human.
On the bright side, I have been taking better care of my body by consuming more whole foods, by being conscious of my food moderation, and with 4 mile runs around Greenlake for the summer. I prefer to run in the summers so that I can end my work out with a “cool down” swim session. My new goal is to focus on strengthening my core and to be consistent with my runs during the week.
We can all attest that when life gets busy, we neglect taking the time to take care of ourselves and, recently, I am guilty of that this. But what I think is also important for my self-care is not to put myself down because I haven’t been keeping up with my running routine goals; instead, I take on life day by day and stride to be my best, happiest self.