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Stride Physio is a unique orthopedic physical therapy clinic dedicated to maximizing the quality of life for our clients. Our aim is to serve the individual and the community by providing highly skilled and empathetic physical therapy that addresses the whole person in realizing their specific movement goals.

Happy Feet: Get the Most Out of Your Hikes This Summer

By Coral Lewis, BSc, MPT, CAFCI

After what has been a rather long chilly winter, and a dubious spring, it seems summer is finally upon us! Sun and warm weather mean more hiking adventures, but can also mean sweaty and blister-prone feet. Running into blisters and pressure related foot pain can put

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Fertilizer for Gardener’s Backs

By Susanne Michaud, DPT, OCS

Sunshine, birds singing and buds poking through is Spring’s call to all gardeners to go outside and play.  We heed the call, pick up our gloves and tools and head outside to find our bliss in dirt and seeds and bugs and plants.  As gardeners, we “Just Do It” – good

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The Power of Mindfulness

By Alexis Eusterbrock, DPT, COMT, OCS

You have likely heard about mindfulness or been told you should be more mindful in daily life, but what does it really mean and how can you practice it successfully?

Mindfulness was defined by Jon Kabat Zinn PhD, the founder of mindfulness based stress reduction, as “The awareness that emerges through

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Overview of PT Dry Needling in Washington State

By Susanne Michaud, DPT, OCS

February 11, 2019


Sweat is on your brow and dripping down your back…  Your legs are depleted, your feet ache…  But wait!!!  you see the finish line as you enter the stadium…

This is the long road, the ultra-marathon that the Physical Therapy Association of Washington (PTWA) along with their legislative committee and

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Legislative Call To Action

If you or someone you know has benefited from dry needling (also known as intramuscular needling), please call or write your legislative representative by Wednesday, 2/13/2019 and tell them your story (click here to go to the bill page then click on the comment on this bill tab).

The Physical Therapy Association of Washington (PTWA)

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Outcome of Team Stride’s 2018 Movement Goals

The year has quickly past and it’s time for our team to reflect on how we did with out personal movement goals.  Last January, Stride publically announced our movement goals in our winter newsletter as a way of motivating others to consider their own SMART goals.  So here are the outcomes of what we set

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Winter Cycling Tips for a Safe and Comfortable Ride

By Scott McClave PT, DPT

Despite the days slowly getting longer, we are in the coldest time of our year. Bicycle commuters and enthusiast should be taking some extra measures to stay warm and safe on the wet road during the winter months. Here are my top tips for winter riding:

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