Up and Over the Chilly Hilly

Cheers to you if you braved the cold and finished the 2019 Chilly Hilly. For many Seattle cyclists, the Chilly Hilly marks the start of the organized ride season. In prep for an organized ride, you likely took your bike in for a tune, checked the tire pressure, lubed the chain all to ensure a successful day on the bike. But did you check your body? Even more specifically did you check how your body interacts with the bike?

We want to see you exceed your riding goals for 2019. A professional bike fit is a critical component in ensuring success for endurance cycling. Cycling is a repetitive activity a poor fit can wreak havoc on your body resulting in discomfort or worse an overuse injury that can get in the way of your goals.

Our own Scott McClave PT DPT comes to us with a unique and talented background. With many years of experience as a bike shop mechanic, an athlete, and a physical therapist. He uses his skillset to turn wrenches to help tune your body into it’s best cycling state.

Give us a call or contact Scott directly at scott@strideseattle.com to have your best riding season yet.