Introducing Mylan Vu, DPT

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new member of our team. Mylan will start seeing patients on Monday, October 10th. We recommend that you call soon to book appointments, as she has quite a following.  Mylan’s smile, warmth and dedication to her patient’s recovery should not be missed!


Mylan Vu, PT, DPT, MTC, CAFS

Physical Therapist

Mylan is an Orthopedic Physical Therapist whose interest in physical therapy developed through her own experience. Growing up, she participated in everything from basketball, soccer, volleyball and tae kwon do. Her activity level came to an abrupt halt when she injured her knee playing volleyball.  She underwent an ACL reconstruction and meniscectomy, followed by many months of rehabilitation.  Her challenging journey back to health completely changed her perspective on how the human body is able to repair itself.  Her experience with sport and resulting ailments allow Mylan to see the whole person, and how injury and pain can greatly restrict the way we want to live. She understands the disappointment when your body fails you, the frustration that can occur during the healing process, and the unbelievable sense of achievement that transpires when you return to the thing you love.

Though pain reduction may be the primary reason why people seek physical therapy treatment, Mylan places a strong emphasis on educating her clients on the cause of their symptoms. She believes that this is the key component to guiding her clients to pain reduction, prevention and long-term success.  With both injury prevention and performance improvement as her goal, Mylan creates an individualized action plan for her patients and provides them with the tools to help them remain strong and reach their full potential.