Got plumbing issues? Then pelvic rehab may benefit you…

Have you ever accidently leaked urine when exercising, sneezing, or coughing? Do you struggle to make it to the bathroom in time to avoid leaking urine or feces? Do you experience constipation? Are you having pain with intercourse? Do you have pain in your pelvis or perineal area with daily activities? Are you dealing with pelvic, back, or hip pain during pregnancy? Are you currently pregnant and want to learn more about how to prevent pelvic floor issues postpartum? Are you a mom experiencing abdominal weakness or separation, pelvic heaviness, scar pain, pelvic pain, or back soreness while caring for your new baby? Do you have chronic, nagging hip, pelvic, or back pain that isn’t getting better with standard care?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, pelvic rehab could benefit you!!

Pelvic rehab is a unique specialty area of physical therapy involving assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. Just like other muscles in our body, our pelvic floor muscles serve multiple functions. They help to support our pelvis and spine for proper posture and absorption of impact forces with daily activities, they provide support for our internal organs, and function to allow for normal passage of urine and feces. They also play a crucial role in being able to engage comfortably in intercourse.   When our pelvic floor muscles are not operating effectively, we can experience a multitude of symptoms in the pelvic region.

You DO NOT have to live with these symptoms!! Pelvic rehab can be extremely effective for both men and women by focusing on retraining the pelvic floor muscles to function properly. Sometimes these muscles need to be strengthened, but other times training relaxation and/or releasing the muscles is more appropriate. A physical therapist trained in pelvic rehab will provide a thorough assessment to determine a plan that is right for you and your unique symptoms. The pelvic floor muscles work closely with your abdominal, hip, and back muscles, so assessment and treatment will often extend to those areas as well.

Stride Physio now offers pelvic rehab services to patients with the addition of Alexis Eusterbrock, DPT, COMT, OCS to the Stride team! Ask your doctor for a referral if you think you could benefit from treatment. If you aren’t sure and want to chat with Alexis, please don’t hesitate to call Stride Physio at 206-547-7445 or email Alexis at We look forward to hearing from you!