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Stride Physio is a unique orthopedic physical therapy clinic dedicated to maximizing the quality of life for our clients. Our aim is to serve the individual and the community by providing highly skilled and empathetic physical therapy that addresses the whole person in realizing their specific movement goals.

September 18th, Kathe Wallace Pelvic Organ Prolapse Seminar at Stride Physio

Stride Physio is excited to announce that physical therapist, Kathe Wallace, who focuses on pelvic floor rehabilitation, will be teaching a Pelvic Organ Prolapse Continuing Education Seminar at our clinic!

The seminar will be hosted at Stride Physio on September 15th, 2018 at 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. 

To purchase tickets for Kathe’s seminar, you can visit

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Teaching Your Brain to Crave Healthy Habits

By Mylan Vu, DPT, OCS, MTC

Have you ever tried to create a healthy habit for yourself? Perhaps it was to eat better, sleep more, read nightly, or do your physical therapy exercises more regularly?  After you decided to make this change, how long was it before you fell back into old patterns? It can be frustrating

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The Aging Runner – That’s Me!

By Susanne Michaud, DPT, OCS

I am a constant runner.  I run because it is the fiber of my being, the ya ya’s in my cells, the therapy for my blahs, the generator of my ideas, my connector to everyday nature. I’ve run consistently for 36 years, give or take time out for injury, since joining

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Optimal Biomechanics of the Double Kettlebell Swing

By Laurie Gribschaw, DPT, ATC, PRC

Seattle is a swingin’ town when it comes to getting and staying fit with kettlebells.  Knowing how to use proper body mechanics will keep you safe and improve your performance outcomes.  This article examines the anatomical and functional demands of the double kettlebell swing in sagittal plane of the body

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Is Your World Spinning?

By Grace Lucuab, DPT

Did you know that at least 10 percent of emergency visits are related to dizziness or vertigo? What’s the difference? Vertigo is described to have a rotational and spinning component and is the perception of movement described as the rotation of the self or the surrounding objects. Where dizziness is a sensation

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Stride Physio’s Lease Expansion and Extension

After months of negotiation, Stride is signing on to stay at and expand our current office space on NE Northlake Ave  for another 10 years!  The lawyers in the office next door to Stride are retiring, allowing Stride to expand into their space.  We will be tearing down the wall in the current movement space

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Stride PTs Recalibrate on Ergonomics

by Susanne Michaud

For many people, the term ergonomics conjures the idea of the perfect workstation set-up for the office worker.  While this is true, it is only part of the meaning. Ergonomics can be applied to all workers in various setting with multiple tools.  Ergo comes from the Latin word for “work”, thus ergonomics is the

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Walking Our Talk Follow-Up on Team Stride’s 2018 Movement Goals

We’re 3 months out since the associates at Stride Physio declared their 2018 movement goals for “all the world” to see.

Susanne Michaud
Goal: run to work 52 times and bike to work 26 times in 2018.
I am on pace to achieving this goal, having run the 4 miles to/from work 17 times in the 15 weeks

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Walking Our Talk – Team Stride’s 2018 Movement Goals

As physical therapists we help others realize their movement goals by removing barriers and progressing activities appropriately.  We assess peoples injuries and movement dysfunction, learn what activities matter to them, write functional movement goals and aid in removing the pain, fear and dysfunction that limits movement and activity.  At Stride, we are all passionate about

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Resolutions, Goals, and Overcoming Obstacles

Do you make resolutions, goals or neither?  The turn of the clock into the New Year provides the opportunity for us to reflect on where we are and where we’d like to go in order to improve our lives.  The desire to get off to a good start is likely what motivates many of us

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