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Stride Physio is a unique orthopedic physical therapy clinic dedicated to maximizing the quality of life for our clients. Our aim is to serve the individual and the community by providing highly skilled and empathetic physical therapy that addresses the whole person in realizing their specific movement goals.

Walking Our Talk – Team Stride’s 2018 Movement Goals

As physical therapists we help others realize their movement goals by removing barriers and progressing activities appropriately.  We assess peoples injuries and movement dysfunction, learn what activities matter to them, write functional movement goals and aid in removing the pain, fear and dysfunction that limits movement and activity.  At Stride, we are all passionate about

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Resolutions, Goals, and Overcoming Obstacles

Do you make resolutions, goals or neither?  The turn of the clock into the New Year provides the opportunity for us to reflect on where we are and where we’d like to go in order to improve our lives.  The desire to get off to a good start is likely what motivates many of us

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2018: Setting Goals and Keepin’ it R.E.A.L.

The start of a new year equates to a promise of something better.  We start committing ourselves to new goals such as “I’m going to go to the gym EVERY DAY! I’m cutting out ALL the sugar and ALL the gluten! I’m going to learn Spanish and finally take that salsa dancing class!

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Keys to Successfully Returning to Fitness Postpartum

You are probably familiar with the many benefits of physical activity: improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, improve psychological well-being, increase energy level, improve sleep, and gain strength. But, there can be a lot of fear and anxiety associated with returning to a fitness program postpartum. Your body is different and may not respond to exercise

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Canine Physical Therapy

Stride Physical Therapist, Grace Lucuab (add link to her bio), dusted off her veterinary medicine past by recently attending the “Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation” 2-day course at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. The leaders of the Animal Rehabilitation Special Interest Group of the American Physical Therapy Association developed this course specifically for physical therapists and

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Who Needs Knees? Why ACL injury prevention matters

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is truly a crucial structure of your knee. It connects your femur (thigh bone) and your tibia (shin bone) and prevents excessive movement, improving the joint’s stability. ACL injuries are one of the most common knee injuries, especially among athletes. There are approximately 80,000 to 250,000 injuries per year with

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Got plumbing issues? Then pelvic rehab may benefit you…

Have you ever accidently leaked urine when exercising, sneezing, or coughing? Do you struggle to make it to the bathroom in time to avoid leaking urine or feces? Do you experience constipation? Are you having pain with intercourse? Do you have pain in your pelvis or perineal area with daily activities? Are you dealing with

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Tips for Running in the Heat

Runners have it good in Seattle as far as the heat index is concerned – cool mornings, great shade, low humidity, water front breezes. Ahhhhh… But the dog days of summer are upon us, turning up the risk of heatstroke and dehydration.  Here are few tips to chill this risk and run without worry.

  • Hydrate
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Welcome Asya Alendar as Stride’s Billing Specialist

The team at Stride Physio is thrilled and thankful to introduce our new billing specialist, Asya (pronounced Ah see ya) Alendar.  Asya brings her extensive healthcare expertise in navigating the insurance maze, in negotiating contracts, and in financial management to provide exceptional patient empowerment around their insurance and bills.  Asya has lived in Seattle since 2002, but

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