Getting Ready for Hiking Season

By Dr. Suzanne Soine

It’s that time of year where skiing is in full swing and many are looking forward to spring and hiking season.  Hiking is a very popular activity here in Washington and can be challenging at the beginning of the season without proper training or easing into the sport. I greatly enjoy hiking

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How To Poop Like A Unicorn

By Heidi Marten

Bowel issues are a common problem in society and physical therapists often help treat patients with bowel dysfunction and pelvic pain. Here is a quick rundown on digestion, bowel movements, and easy changes to promote bowel health in yourself. 


Digestion begins in your mouth, with chewing and saliva starting the

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Why Strength Training Matters With Runners

By Elena Soles

If you’ve been on social media in the last few years, you’ll see just about every running coach is discussing and incorporating strength training. So how does this relate to PT? The effect on injury risk and injury recovery is an ever growing

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Tourniquets, Light Weights and Bulging Muscles; Introducing Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Training at Stride Physio

By Susanne Michaud

Stronger, faster, more powerful than a speeding bullet… That super hero image is the implied outcome of great strength training. To get there, one must consistently lift, push, and pull heavy loads over a period of months. For example, if the most I could dead lift is 100 pounds 1 time, then my

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Teletherapy: Is it Worth It? Will it Work for Me?

Resident therapist Elena Soles dives into what we have learned so far in this relatively new, virtual method of care.

Our already increasingly virtual world has become even more so during COVID-19. Seemingly everyone, regardless of lifestyle or work, is spending more time (if not the

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9 Medically-Approved Pilates Moves to Try at Home

Gyms closed on you again?

Never fear! Keep your Pilates practice going strong with this essential at-home-friendly sequence created by clinician Heidi Marten!

Now that gyms are closed again, many people are wondering what they can do at home with minimal equipment and set-up. We mustn’t underestimate how essential exercise is for both physical and mental health,

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COVID-19 updates for Stride

Stride Physio’s COVID-19 Response and Operations 

We’re all in this together.

Endurance and Pacing During the Coronavirus Pandemic;
Stride Physio’s Constant Focus on Safety

Updated 11/24/2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned all of us into ultramarathon endurance athletes, demanding that we pace ourselves in order to cross the finish line.  With the latest surge in cases and a return

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Keys to Successfully Returning to Fitness Postpartum

You are probably familiar with the many benefits of physical activity: improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, improve psychological well-being, increase energy level, improve sleep, and gain strength. But, there can be a lot of fear and anxiety associated with returning to a fitness program postpartum. Your body is different and may not respond to exercise

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