Veronica "Vy" Giap, SPT

Vy is a physical therapy student in her 3rd and last year of school at University of Southern California in
Los Angeles, CA. She grew up in Bellevue and completed her undergrad degree at UCLA. There, she
spent most of her time playing alto saxophone in their marching band and playing ultimate frisbee
which has reinforced her passion for being active in various communities. She gives back to her
communities as a youth group leader teaching Vietnamese and Buddhism and leading activities with
young children, a medical tent volunteer at ultimate frisbee tournaments, and a volunteer to facilitate
activities during surfing lessons for underprivileged kids of color.


Her love for physical therapy grew from the injuries she saw among her community members which limited them from working due to their pain or their participation in communal activities. She believes that movement is the foundation to how we access our joys and carry on with our lives. Vy strives to work closely with her patients to address their unique presentation to return them to the activities that mean the most to them.