Laarni Arquillano, Stride Physio, Seattle, WA. 2/13/24.

Laarni Arquillano - Physical Therapy Aid & Client Care Coordinator

Originally from southern California, Laarni moved to Washington for a fresh start at the end of 2020--disconnecting from the bustling energy of Los Angeles and reconnecting to the natural cycles of nature. Here she has re-discovered her deep passion for nurturing: whether it's plants, people, healing environments, or herself and her personal development. As someone who enjoys holding space for others and their healing, she is also a Level II Reiki practitioner and mindset coach. Aside from building and fostering interpersonal relationships, Laarni enjoys sharing her zest for life with others, gardening, cooking from scratch, spirituality, astrology, feng shui, and all things related to personal development. She dreams of one day owning property and turning it into a retreat center to help facilitate various modalities of healing for others.